BSAFESTPROGRAM2013 WebThe poster of the Festival 2013 :

Justin Johnson (USA)

Slowpaw Steve T (England)

Blind Kiwi (Australia)

The Slim Panatellas & Mark Ellen (Scotland)

Mr Moon & Grace (England)

Nicolas Millet (France)

Les Fabuleux Blousy Bone Shakers (France)

James (USA)

Delbarjo (France)

With participation of :

Fernel (France)

Les Triplettes de Bonneville (France)

Colorado Country 28 (France)


  • Openning at 2:00 pm (Free).
  • Presentation of the Festival and demonstrations of Cigar Box Guitars, all day long, by Les Fabuleux Blousy Bone Shakers  (France).
    • Exhibition stands/sells of Cigar Box Guitars by the french  instrument maker Fernel and by all the international artists.
    • Open Mic for trying and discovering instruments.
    • Cigar Box Guitars musical training.
    • Musical ambiances and videos projections by James  (USA) and Delbarjo  (France).
    • CDs and DVDs sells.
    • Participation of The Triplettes de Bonneville (France), speed recordmen, since 2008, at the Speed Week of  Bonneville (USA).
    • Country dance (initiation/demonstration) by Colorado Country 28  (form 5:30 to 7:00 pm).
  •  Food services on the spot from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.
  •  The concerts at 8:30 pm.
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The 2013 Festival’s video :

View the complete video of the Festival 2013…

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